Personal Projects

Tri-Level Desktop Water Fountain (Battery operated)

This fountain is designed to work with a set of components I already have. The Centrifugal water pump is small and designed to work with a DC motor from a plug in phone fan. The power will come from a 3.5 volt 18650 lithuim Ion cell. This cell is the same size as one that […]

RC Boat Dual-Motor CADD Design

My friends brother made a 3D printed rc boat. I thought I could do better than his and he challenged me to try. I took the challenge and designed my own. It’s a twin motor rc boat that I made in a simple CADD program in the span of a week. To run it I […]

Nissan Pickup RC Body Shell CADD Model

M While chatting with a friend he was talking about how he was buying a 3D CADD model of his car to print for his RC car. I thought, “Oh cool!” so I looked for one of the truck I like. I couldn’t find one though. So I did something I had never done before. […]

RC Mini Crawler CADD Model

A while back I got sick and was trapped in my room to make sure illness wouldn’t spread. During that time I began designing this RC mini crawler in CADD. I started out modeling a different project, the RC body shell I talk about in a different post, but I eventually had a thought. What […]

3D Printed Air(Steam) Powered Engine

My First Mechanical Design After watching a video sent to me by a friend I became very interested in the idea of a steam powered bicycle. I knew with my skills at that time I could never design one for a bike. So to start, I made the goal to design and print a working […]

2-Stroke Powered Bicycle

The Most Fun (& Terrifying) Thing I’ve Built I built this bike from an old used and worn out motor kit. It was on a older mountain bike that in itself had issues. I worked to repair the engine and eventually had it running, but I just didn’t like the way if felt on the […]

Homemade Water Pump

At one point I found myself fascinated by water pumps. I was in middle school and didn’t have funds to get one, but I really wanted to mess around with one. To fix that problem I took some basic materials and made several decent water pumps. The one pictured above is the first set of […]

Paul Elkins Style Camper Trailer

This project was one I thought of while joking around with some friends years ago and we drew a goofy sketch of a miniature camper trailer. I liked that idea so I thought, let’s design one. I drew several sketches and did research to see if anyone else had done it, I found there had […]

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