2-Stroke Powered Bicycle

The Most Fun (& Terrifying) Thing I've Built

I built this bike from an old used and worn out motor kit. It was on a older mountain bike that in itself had issues. I worked to repair the engine and eventually had it running, but I just didn't like the way if felt on the frame it was on. I then moved it onto a beach cruiser bicycle, and I loved it because it looked like a vintage Harley Davidson. It was on that frame until recently when I learned beach cruisers are not designed to go 30 mile per hour. The rear wheel hub shattered and the bike was a loss. The motor has since been moved to a vintage road bike frame and can go around 35 Miles per hour.

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Both of these photos were taken shortly after each version I built was completed. Both bikes worked but required lots of maintenance and now I am to a point where I would really like something better. The idea is great, but is not completely safe, and not great for riding around a neighborhood at night. For now it is a fun bike to ride now and again, but I am making plans for an electric bike with two wheel drive so it can go fast, and tow the custom camper trailer I built.

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