Homemade Water Pump

At one point I found myself fascinated by water pumps. I was in middle school and didn't have funds to get one, but I really wanted to mess around with one. To fix that problem I took some basic materials and made several decent water pumps. The one pictured above is the first set of pumps that I built. They were made from old gift cards, a small dc motor pulled from an old electric toothbrush, apple sauce cups, straws, and lots of hot glue. In the beginning, one was too weak to pump water up to the top of the container, so my solution was to build another pump and have it push the water higher up!


This is a later version of the pump that was much smaller. I made its pump housing out of a large water bottle cap. This one was made for looks and functionality. It pumped the water up and then it would trickle its way down the decorative rock mountain to the basin.


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