Tri-Level Desktop Water Fountain (Battery operated)

This fountain is designed to work with a set of components I already have. The Centrifugal water pump is small and designed to work with a DC motor from a plug in phone fan. The power will come from a 3.5 volt 18650 lithuim Ion cell. This cell is the same size as one that would be found inside a Tesla's battery pack. The charge controller comes from a small battery bank that I salvaged after its battery went bad.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 10.30.07 AM

The exterior of the fountain is a simple design similar to one I found online. The Water should flow out from the top teir, into the second, and lastly, the third. From there a drain hole feeds the water through a plastic straw into the pump. That is the goal at least. The pump is designed to push the water with enough power to take it to the top where a feed inlet, in the bottom of teir 1, will fill it with water. The process should continue as long as the battery lasts.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 10.27.37 AM

The struggle I have had in the past with 3D printed parts and water has been their water resistance. The parts from my printer appear to be porus and take on water at a slow rate. To avoid that I plan to sand the whole thing smooth and spray paint it with a hard enamel paint. This should seal all the small holes, or pores, preventing the water from leaking out of its resivour. Another issue I was struggling with is the pump's motor leaking water. The poor tolerances for the motor shaft and bushings, or bearings, allowed my past pumps to leak water through the motor and out the electrical terminals. Those pumps all had the motors sit sideways which would take the water level across the motor's bushing. Seeing as I am desinging this as a gift it would not be good to leak water. Thinking long and hard I designed the pump with the motor above the pump, not to the side. This should use the force of gravity to hopefully prevent it from leaking.


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