School Projects

PHS Career & Technical Education Flag Stand

My high school has a CTE program focused on engineering, and that is actually the reason I chose to attend my school. To help show the CTE students’ capabilities to new students, and other visitors, they bought a flag for a CTE table. They did however not buy the right kind of flagstand. It was […]

Truck Cargo Rack Components

This project was given to me by my shop teacher. It has been a great real life working experience. A couple of the advanced welding students were given a project to build a metal truck rack that a guy ordered from the school’s shop. As they worked, I was assigned a series of small engineering […]

School Logo Cookie Cutter

One day while working on some CADD projects, my teacher gave me a pass to another classroom and told me I had a funny assignment. He sent me to talk to the vice principal who had an idea. She had once, years ago, ordered custom designed cookie cutters that were 3D printed. When she recontacted […]

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