Paul Elkins Style Camper Trailer

This project was one I thought of while joking around with some friends years ago and we drew a goofy sketch of a miniature camper trailer. I liked that idea so I thought, let's design one. I drew several sketches and did research to see if anyone else had done it, I found there had been! Paul Elkins, a retired Boeing employee, had designed a camper trailer made of basic materials. I liked his design, but it was too wide to fit through the fence in my neighborhood home. I sketched some frame designs with new dimensions and started making prototype frames with scrap wood. The biggest issue I have had has been how to attach it to the bike. It currently uses a bike derailer guard that is bent and then stuck through an eye bolt which is hooked to a second bike rack that sits lower.


As I worked on collecting materials I came up with grand ideas. I wanted a sink, mini fridge, maybe a tv. This however was a bit too much. It ended up with a gravity fed "sink" and with four 12 volt batteries to power it. It has a mini fridge that is power effecient. I worked to be able to use it to go camping and even travel, but is has been a slow process and sadly its not to that point. This trailer is made from campaign signs recycled from a local guy I know was running for office. The frame was created from the lumber originally used to hold up the signs. The wheels are 20 inch wheels, one of which has a coaster brake that I plan to use as a trailer brake. Overall this was a fun project that I plan to continue working on until I make this one work, or build one that is even more usable.

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