RC Mini Crawler CADD Model

A while back I got sick and was trapped in my room to make sure illness wouldn't spread. During that time I began designing this RC mini crawler in CADD. I started out modeling a different project, the RC body shell I talk about in a different post, but I eventually had a thought. What If I design something to work with the parts I have available to me. What if I could make my own RC crawler? The process started with collecting a set of parts that I thought I would be able to incorporate into the project. From there I gathered basic dimensions of those parts so that I could design the crawler to work with them. After many hours I finally had one amazing... transfer case. I continued to occupy myself by designing the rest of the RC crawler. I took inspiration from my friends mini crawler that he had let me try out and I remember it being so fun. As I reached the end I was pleased with how the car was looking. From there all I'll have to do is print all the parts and get it working. I'll add another post with the working car when I have the time to print the parts that require many printing hours.


Photo Gallery

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