RC Boat Dual-Motor CADD Design

My friends brother made a 3D printed rc boat. I thought I could do better than his and he challenged me to try. I took the challenge and designed my own. It's a twin motor rc boat that I made in a simple CADD program in the span of a week.

To run it I planned on using some spare rc car parts. I measured and tested all of the components. After that I came up with a basic idea of what I wanted it to look like and threw myself into the world of CADD and designed a large 18" Long boat.


Inside I designed several hollow sections to ensure the boat would not sink, in case the electronics compartment filled up with water. I even had to design special adapters that would allow the odd assortment of parts to work with each other. After printing the smaller pieces I noticed some measurement error due to my use of an old caliper. I redesigned and then found myself out of filament so because summer ended, I lost that challenge of making a faster better boat. But next time I have enough filament I will start the long process of printing the 70 hour hull of the boat in three pieces.


Photo Gallery

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