Nissan Pickup RC Body Shell CADD Model


While chatting with a friend he was talking about how he was buying a 3D CADD model of his car to print for his RC car. I thought, "Oh cool!" so I looked for one of the truck I like. I couldn't find one though. So I did something I had never done before. I designed a car shell. This however was pretty complicated, as I needed to try and balance between it fitting on my RC body, and looking like the actual car.


After hours of attempting to get it to look right thats when I realized, this car just can't look right and fit on my vintage RC car.


To model this truck shell, I took several reference photos, sketched them, and extruded them, until I started to get the shape of the vehicle. From there I worked to add details like windows and a truck bed. Eventually I was happy with how it was looking so I threw it into my 3D printers slicing software and... it was too thin to print. I tried to thicken it in fusion. I struggled due to the many constraints. In the end I decided to leave it a cool model. I made a plan to design a different vehicle with new techniques I learn at a later time.


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