Truck Cargo Rack Components

This project was given to me by my shop teacher. It has been a great real life working experience. A couple of the advanced welding students were given a project to build a metal truck rack that a guy ordered from the school's shop. As they worked, I was assigned a series of small engineering projects. The first of which was simply checking their math. After that I learned how to use the shop's CNC plasma cutter. From there I prototyped and designed a bracket for mounting a removable cross beam. Working out how to make a swinging beam with rollers mounted to it was fun. Most recently I made a back board with a cutout for the vehicles cab mounted brake light.


One of the many projects was a three inch riser that would be welded onto the frame. It would fit a 1.5"x 3" rectangular friction fit steel tube inside. The rack would also then have a rod welded on that would have a cotter pin to safely secure the cross beam.

A rear swinging roller arm was designed in a way as to allow the load to be rolled up onto the top of the rack. If more height was needed for the truck bed, it could be folded out of the way to make room for taller objects.


Many small brackets were used on the swinging arm to fit tight tolerances that would allow the arm to pivot freely without interference. The most recent of the projects was a half sheet of metal, half diamond grate steel backboard to protect the truck's cab glass from any metal stock that may be shoved through it. I also designed a hole where the brake light could more easily shine through. As the end of this project is approaching, and the welders finish up, I only have a few small brackets that still need to be designed.


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