PHS Career & Technical Education Flag Stand

My high school has a CTE program focused on engineering, and that is actually the reason I chose to attend my school. To help show the CTE students' capabilities to new students, and other visitors, they bought a flag for a CTE table. They did however not buy the right kind of flagstand. It was so light weight that the flag would fall over. My teacher decided to have me design a decorative metal disk flag stand having to do with CTE to replace it.


I took and made my school's name and "CTE" wrap around a spiral that makes me think of a christmas peppermint. After designing and getting approval, I cut it out on the CNC plasma cutter in the schools shop. It was cut from sheet steel. From there a shaft was welded on by other CTE students and it was sent off for powdercoating. In the end I am proud when I see it out displaying our flag. To me it looks like a professional product which is just so cool.


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