School Logo Cookie Cutter

One day while working on some CADD projects, my teacher gave me a pass to another classroom and told me I had a funny assignment. He sent me to talk to the vice principal who had an idea. She had once, years ago, ordered custom designed cookie cutters that were 3D printed. When she recontacted that company they had raised their prices and it was going to cost much to much to make them again. My task was to create a set of 4 cookie cutters in the shape of our school's letter, "P." I was given 3 criteria: make it look like our logo, make it about 3.5 inches tall, and make it food safe. With that I worked to create this very random thing.


After a couple days I had made it to a point where I had gotten most of the design done. There were several parts that forced me to learn new techniques that would allow me to better create a good working product. This is where I had to work with the foods class teacher to ensure my design would work.


The first version, when printed, had an issue with cookie dough getting stuck in places that would not wash off easily, posing a health hazard. It was also much too flimsy and felt as if it would break with too much pressure put on it. To fix that I thickened the top face so that it would have better support. To fix the issue with dough, I made the edge a little thicker making it so that the printer would print more layers. This would let it stick together better and keep it from separating and letting dough in between the print layers.

This second iteration is in the testing process in the foods classroom.


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